Now what's an Irish Pub with out entertainment.?  On this page I will try list as many local bands as I can.  If they have a web site I will provide a link to that.. This should help you find your favorite band and/or singer and where they are  playing. I hope you find this page of use... Thanks again for stopping at my web site... If you know of a local Irish group that would like to have their schedule posted. Feel free to e-mail me and I will try and get them on to the web site as soon as possible. Once again, Thank-You.


Three Men In Kilts

If it's good entertainment that your looking for and you enjoy the Irish sound... Just listen to my friends... "Three Men In Kilts". Check out their web site for locations and times of their performances. You can find them at, where else put... www.threemeninkilts.com



Napper Tandy

Great news Liam had been seen playing with a band called Sterling. At a pub in Downers Grove called Ballydoyle. Hope to see more of him in the near future. I will keep you posted with the latest news and up coming events that Liam will be playing at. Be sure to check out Ballydoyle Irish Pub. And also Sterling.



The Larkin Brother's

If it's a laugh and a song and a good old fashioned 'Good Time' then check out the Larkin Brothers schedule... These guys are good. They will keep you entertained all evening... Stop at their web site and check out their schedule... Here's a link to their web page, www.celticratpack.com



Joe McShane

Joe has long been a favorite of mine.  His style of music has something for everybody... Whether you like the Irish aires or a good country tune. You'll find Joe up to the task.  He has quite a following and is very popular in the Chicago area. Every weekend you can find him playing in one of his favorite pubs... And almost every Sunday he will be playing at The Six Penny Bit.  For directions to The Six Penny  check out my pub pages. Joe's got a new web-site. Stop by and check it out. It is http://joemcshane.tripod.com/JoeMcShaneWebsite/



Katie Sullivan

Katie was brought to my attention recently. I haven't seen her in person, but I have  been out to her web site and I like what I have seen and heard. You can be sure that I will try and catch a performance of hers in the near future. Katie has a well rounded background in music with a little something for everyone. Most of her venues are on the south side. So give Katie a listen. I know I will. And check out her website. It's www.katiemusic.com Hope to see you at one of her performances... Thanks Tom for the tip.



Dooley Brothers

The Dooley Brothers have been playing in and around the Chicago area for more years than I can count. Their blend of Irish, American Irish and old time rock & roll has an appeal for everyone. They are liked by young and old. The boys hale from the Chicago area and grew up in the Irish tradition.  And its seen and felt in their music.  They are always in demand and can be see playing anywhere from Lake Geneva, to Oak Lawn.

For more details phone their hot line at: (773)625-1859 or checkout their website, www.dooleybrothers.com



Paddy Go Easy

Fin Barr (Berry) Fagan has been play in and around Chicago for a while now... and has a good following... He and his two companions, (Sheila Doorley and Kathy Green) have put together a good mix of folk music, ballads, contemporary, and traditional songs. I know if you stop to listen to the group you will find it a very enjoyable evening. Fin Barr has his own web side. So if you need a schedule of events or if you just want to call and tell him how much you enjoyed the music the night before. Don't forget Berry's open for bookings also. Stop at the web page. www.paddygoez.com



(Fast) Eddie McAteer

Eddie McAteer is one of the north sides most popular entertainers. His high powered brand of Irish music will have you singing and dancing before you can finish your first pint of Guinness. Eddie together with Billy Donahue have a truly authentic Irish sound,  They are enjoyable to listen to.  I don't have Eddies schedule at this time but if you wish to know where and when he will be playing you can call Eddie's pub... And they will be glad to give you the information... I know Eddie plays at his own pub on Sunday evenings. So give the pub a call... The number is - (773)763-0095



This is one of my favorite groups in the Chicago land area. Kara Kinsella and Jerry Eddie. Unfortunately Kara had to return home to Ireland for a while. Family business to attend to. Jerry is still in the Chicago area. And doing quite well. He have been playing in and around the city on his own. And also with Joe McShane.  You can also find him with Mark Linett and/or Bruce Foster. They have a good mix of Irish tunes and rock & roll. And they sound very good. So if you get a chance, try and attend one of their gig's. Jerry plays every Wednesday at Irish Times in Brookfield. You won't be disappointed. If you would like to book Dalriada you can call him at (708) 485-4295.



David Dunne & Blackwater

Dave and his Blackwater Band have been around for sometime now. And their have put together a nice blend of Irish folk and contemporary music. Dave on guitar, along with Joel Batty on fiddle, and John Egan on drums, have quit a following. So if you want a front row seat. You had better come early. The band has a schedule out. Which I will try and keep updated. But if you wish to get on their mailing list. Just e-mail Dave and he will send you a schedule return e-mail.

Dave says, "Hope to see you at one of the gigs." His e-mail address is D_DUNNE@ameritech.net



donnybrook (don'ë bröök'), n. (often cap.) an inordinately wild fight or contentious dispute; brawl; free-for-all: The party threatened to turn into a donnybrook. Also called Donnybrook Fair. [after Donnybrook (Fair)]
Don'nybrook Fair'
(don'ë bröök').  1. a fair which until 1855 was held annually at Donnybrook, County Dublin, Ireland, and which was famous for rioting and dissipation. 2. donnybrook.

So if it's good music and a hell of a good time catch the Donnybrook where every they are playing. The band specializes in traditional Celtic music. For Pubs, Parties, Weddings, and Wakes. And if you need a schedule just visit their web site at www.donnybrookband.com They also have an e-mail address on their page, or give Davey Arwine a call at (847)622-6891. I'm sure he will be delighted to assist you.


Brendan Loughrey

Brendan Loughrey hails from Donegal and is the hottest new singer on the scene. You just have to hear him once and you'll want to follow him from gig to gig.  Brendan has been in the states for a short time. And he hasn't be idle. Brendan has worked with some of the best recording artists in the world including, Roy Orbison, Manfred Mann, Dr. Hook, Kylie Harris (The Grand Ole Opry), Lynne Drennen (Capitol Records), TJ Dennis (Australia), Fran Breen (The Waterboys), Shirley Myers (Canada), Mark Neimeic (Atlantic Records) and many, many more. Check out Brendan's Live shows and go see this burgeoning young talent perform, you will not regret it, You can contact Brendan from his web site. www.bluestackmusic.com.


Dyed In The Wool

Dyed in the Wool is a band with a unique mix of American Folk and Celtic traditions. Nancy Kiernan, Michelle Dinneen-White, John Devens, Julia Dusek-Devens, and Jim White come from a diverse set of backgrounds to form this lively group. For booking information call World Folk Music Company at 773-779-7059, 1909 West 103rd Street, Chicago, IL 60643. Or email: John Devens Be sure to check out their web site... At www.dyedinthewool.net


Declan & Siobhan

With Declan Binninger on the whistle and Siobhan O'Malley playing the Irish harp you will surely be delightfully entertained with some of the most pleasing and extremely difficult traditional Irish Music you will ever hear and see. Their show contains a variety of purely traditional Irish music such as jigs, reels, hornpipes, airs, slip jigs, O'Carolan Harp tunes and marches. For more information about on where they will be playing check out their web site at http://harp.homestead.com/h.html



Now, if it's celtic rock that you are interested in. Here is one band that you can't pass up. I caught the band at one of their resent gigs in Downers Grove. This band has more energy than a firecracker on the Fourth of July. The band will keep you rocking from the moment you come in to the pub. For booking information or a schedule of appearances stop by their web site. www.stirlingcelticrock.com  


St. James Gate

Long before Riverdance or The Corrs appeared on the scene, these boys had mastered the art of making the traditional songs of Ireland relevant in modern Chicago. With a set list that ranges from classics such as Whiskey in the Jar and The Black Velvet Band to more recent gems like Back Home in Derry and Brown Eyed Girl, St. James Gate brings the music to life. Their spontaneous, good-natured exchanges with their audience and one another have long endeared them to their fans. It's clear when watching them perform that these guys enjoy what they're doing and you can't help but come along for the ride. For their schedule of events check out their web site at... www.sjgate.com



Velvet Greene

Joe and Sharon have been a welcome attraction ever where they play. They have been playing together for some time now and have a large repertoire of music. For an enjoyable evening don't miss their great sound... Joe is in the process of starting a web page. And should have it on the web shortly. I will have the information and pass it along...


Kelly Griner

I haven't seen Kelly play yet. But hope to soon. From the people that know him and have heard him play. They all say that he's great fun and a good entertainer. He's got a web site so you can keep track of is gigs and where-abouts. The site is http://kelly-griner.tripod.com  So if you get a chance to see Kelly. Be sure to stop and say hello.



Gerry Haughey

If you get a chance to see Gerry Haughey perform, don't miss it. Gerry is one of only a handful of performers that has really great talent. With his smooth voice and his playing ability he is really a top notch entertainer. Gerry doesn't play very many open performances. Most of his engagements are for private clubs or organizations. Including a lot of dinner dances and benefits. If you would like to book Gerry  or Gerry and his band ( The Ramblers ),  you can  contact  Gerry  at  (630)243-1943 or (630)279-3589


Jack the Lad

Morgan Fingleton has been performing for a number of years in and around the Chicago land area. His versatility on the keyboard, guitar and vocals are a real treat to listen to, as is his 70's, 80's, and 90's style of music. Morgan along with Matt Ryan have put a band together called "Jack the Lad". Be sure to check out their website. www.jacktheladmusic.com If you wish to book the band for one of your parties or functions you can reach them by e-mail at morgan@jacktheladmusic.com or matt@jacktheladmusic.com Mean while enjoy the great music of 'Jack the Lad'.

Seamus O'Kane & Jimmy Moore

Seamus and Jimmy have been playing in and around Chicago land for several years... And if you have a flair for the Irish tunes the way you remember them. Look no further. With their find playing and large collection of the old favorites your in for a night of pleasurable listen and dancing. If you would like to know where the boys are playing or if you would like to book them for a nights entertainment, you can contact Jimmy at - 773-792-1845. Or Seamus at - 847-405-2720. They hope to see you at their next performance.